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Take a look inside of our bespoke GT-R. Artisan Vehicle Design has worked to make the cockpit of the GT-R feel extra special. It takes what the Nissan GT-R already did well, and pushes it to the next level of driving sport and luxury. The inside is bathed in the finest Alcantara leather combined with extensive carbon fibre finishing. In addition, the unique Artisan carbon sports seats, steering wheel, shifter and other important touch points are all bespoke and provide another level of exclusivity.


The Artisan GT-R is a bespoke treatment of the Nissan GT-R (R35) model, changing the entire body to a fully custom design, which has a design language that speaks to the legendary Skyline GT-Rs of old. This new look provides a boxier and more robust stance which highlights strength and brings back elements of streamlining design not seen so often now in modern vehicles.

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A masterful aesthetic overhaul is one thing, but it means nothing without an excellent set-up and engine dynamics beneath the skin. We have worked hard to make sure the chassis set-up is still unmistakably GT-R, albeit fine-tuned and enhanced to give the driver a more connected and thrilling feel with the new lightweight form.


The Artisan GT-R removes all the current body panels of the base car (R35 model) and is then reskinned with the best quality carbon-fibre replacement parts. These newly designed lightweight panels lower the kerb weight dramatically whilst increasing stiffness to deliver a totally new, enhanced experience.


One of the key signature features of the Artisan GT-R are the brand-new headlight and tail light designs, creating a new face for the GT-R with a more focused and aggressive look.


At Artisan Vehicle Design, we have no limits on what we can offer to our customers. If it isn’t listed, we can specially produce it for you. Your imagination is the limit. If there is a custom request, we will work with you to materialise it.


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